Fair Use

Fair Use

I have been having problems with content scrapers taking articles from my site without my authorization and then outranking my article in Google search results. This has become an increasing problem with Google’s penalties for sites that have duplicate content.

If you are reading this complete article on a site other than chrisbarba.com, then you are likely reading a version of my article that has been taken from my site without my consent. As I state in my copyright notice, you may copy, take, duplicate and use any code on my site as you wish at your own risk. I do, however, not agree for anyone to take an entire article from my site and post it word for word on their own site, even if a link back to my site is provided.

I am not writing content on my site for others to use to make money from or for them to enrich their own Web sites. I am writing articles on my Web site to provide a place where I can give back to the programming community and help fellow programmers with their craft.

Here are the fair use details for my site:


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


You may copy/use any of the CODE found in my articles at your own risk. The code I provide is meant to be illustrative of a point and is not meant to be used in a live application. I do NOT consent to duplication of my articles. Specifically, you may not copy entire articles and publish them on your own site even if you provide a link back to my site.

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