Dashboard Designer can not connect to cube

When I tried connecting to my cube from Dashboard Designer, I got the wonderful error “The PerformancePoint Server could not connect to the specified data source. Verify that either the current user or application pool user has Read permissions to the the data source, depending on your security configuration.  Also verifty that all required connection information is provided and correct.”

This was caused by the application pool PPSMonitoringWebService running as the wrong account.  No matter what else you do you have to make sure that account has permissions to your database.

Dashboard Designer,what’s my connection string again?

In the Performance Point Server 2007 Dashboard Designer, you create a data source using either a standard connection or with a connection string.  I use the connection string option myself, but I never remember the syntax of the connection string (to a AS cube).

So here how’s I get the connection string:

Open excel (I use 2007)
Go to the data tab
From Other sources
From Analysis Services
Put in your server name (I leave the default for Log on credentials)
Choose next
Then choose what cube you want (if you have more than one cube)
Click Next
Click Finish (if you already have a data source of that name already existing, then you will have a pop up asking if you want to continue, I choose yes)
Click properties
Click on the Definition Tab

Viola, there is the connection string to your cube.
Now you can copy and paste that back into Dashboard Designer.