How to tell what processes are running on your SQL Server database

Sometimes operations (like drop, etc) will fail on your DB if someone running a command and locking a resource.

So I came up (or found somewhere) a query to tell me what’s currently running.

SELECT P.spid as SPID, P.kpid as KPID, P.dbid as DBID,, convert(varchar, P.last_batch, 5) as StartDate, convert(varchar, P.last_batch, 8) as StartTime,
P.hostname as HostName, P.nt_domain as Domain, P.nt_username as Username,P.cmd as Command, P.waitresource, P.status as [Status],P.cpu as CPU,P.memusage as MEM,P.physical_io as IO
FROM sys.sysprocesses P
JOIN sys.databases D
ON P.dbid = D.database_id

This will return all the processes, sometimes you just want the processes for a specific user.  Then you just need to add a where clause.

WHERE nt_username = ‘<username>’

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