List all synonyms in a database

This script will list all synonyms you have in a database.  It will tell you the name, the server connecting to, the database, schema, and object name your connecting to.

This is helpful to figure out if you have your synonyms pointing to the wrong environment.

SELECT name, 
COALESCE(PARSENAME(base_object_name,4),@@servername) AS serverName, 
COALESCE(PARSENAME(base_object_name,3),DB_NAME(DB_ID())) AS dbName, 
COALESCE(PARSENAME(base_object_name,2),SCHEMA_NAME(SCHEMA_ID())) AS schemaName, 
PARSENAME(base_object_name,1) AS objectName 
FROM sys.synonyms 
ORDER BY serverName,dbName,schemaName,objectName
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