How to deploy a workflow through PowerShell

Every time I go to deploy a workflow from outside Visual Studio I forget the PowerShell commands.

So I decided to finally write up what I do.   Here’s what I do.

Step 1 add the solution.
Add-SPSolution –LiteralPath <FILEPATH\WSP FileName> –Site <URL>
(For ex,
Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Deploy\Service_Request_Workflow.wsp -Site
http://win-ate30fn6vk5 )

Step 2 install the solution.
Install-SPSolution –Identity <WSP FileName> –Site “<URL>”
(For ex, Install-SPSolution –Identity Service_Request_Workflow.wsp -Site “http://win-ate30fn6vk5&#8221; )

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