Generic handle error method

Here is a generic handle error method I put in my catches.  It will send an email with the inner exception unless it’s null then you get the exception message.  The stack trace is included.

You should the subject from “Application Name” to whatever your application is.
Also you should check out a previous post about a generic send mail method since this method calls that one.

private static void HandleError(Exception ex)
            String errorMessage = String.Empty;

            if (ex.InnerException != null)
                errorMessage = ex.InnerException.ToString();
                errorMessage = ex.Message.ToString();

            var trace = new System.Diagnostics.StackTrace(ex);

            StringBuilder errorBodyString = new StringBuilder();

            errorBodyString = errorBodyString.Append("Exception:" + errorMessage);
            errorBodyString = errorBodyString.Append("<br />");
            errorBodyString = errorBodyString.Append(trace);

String Subject = "Application Name";
            String Body = errorMessage;

           // sendNotification(Subject, errorBodyString.ToString());
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