Undocumented stored procedure for looping through all tables in a database

I got tired of writing code to loop through all tables in a database.  I found out about an undocumented stored procedure that does most of that for me.
The stored procedure name is sp_MSforeachtable it takes one input parameter (@command).
This simplifies so much code (no more looping through sysobjects).

Here are some examples of how to use it.

This command will return a row count for each table in your database.

EXEC sp_MSforeachtable ‘SELECT ‘‘?’‘, Count(*) as NumberOfRows FROM ?’

Notice the question mark (?), that gets substituted as the table (in the sp).
So basically any command you can do against a table you can use and put a ? where you put a table name.

Here is how to rebuild all indexes.

EXEC sp_MSforeachtable @command1="print '?' DBCC DBREINDEX ('?', ' ', 80)"

Here is how you update all statistics on your tables.

EXEC sp_MSforeachtable 'UPDATE statistics ? WITH ALL'

You can also add additional conditional logic if you need to restrict your commands to a subset of tables.
This is very powerful. You don’t always need to hit all tables with a command.

This one will loop through all your tables and add the Column CreatedOn on any table that doesn’t already have it.

EXEC sp_MSforeachtable '
    if not exists (select column_name from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.columns 
                   where table_name = ''?'' and column_name = ''CreatedOn'') 
        ALTER TABLE [?] ADD CreatedOn datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT getdate();
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