So you want to blog on

When I first started blogging I wanted to blog on  I have a friend who already blog’s on (David Mccollough) and I asked him what the steps were (because they are not on

Here is what he told me.

Well it’s a multistep process.

1st you have to create an account to be able to login, which I assume you have already done.

2nd you have to read the terms of use here. By the way there is nothing you have to sign here, unless they have changed it. I was kinda of confused at first, because I was looking for some way of saying that I had read them.

3rd Then you have to send an email to Joe Stagner, here is the link for that: Make sure you tell him that you agree to the terms of use that you read in step 2, you also have to send him your username from step 1. I think I also included who I was, who I worked for and that I had a desire to contribute to the .NET community.

4th Before you first post you need to read this:

Here is the original link to his blog post that outlines the process:

Got something to add?

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