Performance Point excel not updating problems

So I found out a few tips about the excel add-in for Performance Point Server 2007.

Item 1, do NOT change a form template if you have a cycle created using that form template.  You can not guarantee that users will get the correct version of the form template.

Item 2, cache not clearing.  If you are sure you are not getting the latest form template when you open an assignment you can open the performance point excel add-in and click the clear cache button.  That may not always work.  To get around that problem you can browse to the folder

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\PerformancePoint\OfflineCache.

If you can’t find the folder under Administrator, check under the current user or all users.

CAVEAT:  Do not delete the OfflineCache folder.  Be sure you only delete the folder under the OfflineCache.  If you do delete the OfflineCache folder I can’t tell you how bad Performance Point will react.

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