Delete a Performance Point 2007 Cycle

So I have been doing a PPS proof of concept and I have created cycles (I am not going to explain what a cycle is) that I no longer want (or need).  So I wanted to delete some cycles and found it not easy to figure out.

So here are the short instructions:
In the Workspace Browser, click Process Management, then select the cycle you want to delete.  In the cycle tasks pane, click Available Actions in the Select Action list, then select Close.  Then repeat and select Purge from the Select Action list.  After you click ok all the assignments and jobs are deleted.

Now the problem is that the cycles are still there??? And you can no longer go to the Available Actions.

Here’s that one trick you have to remember, the Business Modeler has to be refreshed so click the refresh model site arrows icon (or press F5 or View->Refresh or close and reopen).

Yeah this took me a while to figure why the cycle still showed up after supposedly getting rid of them.  The moral of the story is always remember the Planning Business Modeler sometimes automatically and sometimes it doesn’t so ALAWYS click the refresh buttons.

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