SharePoint performance tips

I attended the SharePoint Saturday today and attended a session on SharePoint optimal performance by Eric Shupps.  Here are a few of the tips I learned today.

Have a separate server (not available to users) to host search indexes.

Change the default SQL growth from 1 mb, 10% to 100 mb, 250%.

Isolate the SharePoint DB, do not put any other databases on the same server as the SharePoint DB.

Create custom scopes with unique crawl schedules. If you have a specific site that needs to crawled more often than the other sites

Enable manual compression on IIS 6/7.  You will need to balance between compression and cpu benefits (Compression increases CPU utilization on WFE’s).

Only things in the 12 hive can be compressed, things out of the database are not

Windows 2008 does dynamic compression out of the box
Windows 2003 can turn on dynamic compression, but has limited improvement

MOSS does caching right out of the box, wss does not
MOSS caches Pages, Objects, Disk (blob, ie documents)
Caching increases memory utilization

Check the object cache
100 MB is kind of small, maybe increase 250-500 MB

Setup cache profiles.
each site collection can be setup different
each zone can be setup different

BLOB caching does not work right before the infrastructure update

Check the output cache.
You can use the cache profiles you setup, which can be set for anonymous and/or windows auth.

For further reading:
check out SharePoint 2007 performance ad scalability white paper check out TechNet IIS performance tuning

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