Dynamic searches without dynamic sql

Search functionality is a feature that comes up with many applications.  I have written more than one search stored procedure (and screen), but I usually ended up with writing dynamic sql (building a SQL statement and using the exec command, see Figure 1 below).  The main disadvantage to dynamic sql statements is that they are not compiled and performance always matters.

I was reading CoDe magazine one day and noticed a part of an article that mentioned dynamic sql without dynamic sql.  I read it and was quite pleased with the approach.  So the basic approach is to have all the lookup parameters as optional parameters, set null parameters to the % wildcard, use a series of like statements in the where clause.

See figure 2 for an example of the sql code.

Figure 1

Create Procedure Search
    @ProductName VarChar(100)

Declare @SQL VarChar(1000)

Select @SQL = 'SELECT * FROM Products '
Select @SQL = @SQL + 'WHERE ProductID in (' + @ProductName +')'

Exec ( @SQL)

Figure 2
Create Procedure Search
@ProductName varchar(100) = null
Set @ProductName = isnull(@ProductNmae, '%')

Select * from Products
where ProductName like @ProductName

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